vCloud Director to vRealize Automation Migration Process

By | 30/07/2015

I am working on a mangy project for a customer where he would moves their own workloads from vCloud Director to vRealize Automation.
Below I have prepared macro steps for moving from one platform to another.

  • Install vRealize Automation
  • Configure vCloud Director and vSphere as endpoints
  • Create vRA Blueprints that represent the vApp provisioned
  • Optional step: If you want to rename the provisioned VM created by vCloud Director (which is use a particular naming convention), you power-off the VM and clone it with new name.
  • With VMware migration tool in vRealize, generate a CSV file listing all the provisioned workloads in vCD
  • Edit CSV to specify information about business group/owner, blueprint, reservation policy already configured in vRA
  • Use the bulk import feature (providing the above CSV as input file) to bring the VM under vRA management
    • Single-machine vApp → vSphere machine
    • Multi-machine vApp → multi-machine vRA service

No machine are physically moved during this import process.


One thought on “vCloud Director to vRealize Automation Migration Process

  1. João

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m starting a similar project but with vCloud Director 1.5.1. I don’t know how to replicate our environment. We have a big team of developers using the vCloud for self service testing vm’s. Is possible to replicate this to the vRealize ?

    Thank you


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