VMware NSX 6.2 Released!

By | 21/08/2015

Hi all,

today is a big day because we have the official GA release of NSX 6.20 with build 2986609 which introduces many things that you can find below:

1 Cross vCenter Network Virtualization

  • Consistent firewall policy across multiple vCenters
  • Cross-VC VMotion over VXLAN, with DFW
  • Universal Security Groups, Logical Switch (ULS), Distributed Logical Router (UDLR)

2 Operations and Troubleshooting Enhancements

  • New traceflow troubleshooting tool
  • Flow monitoring and IPFix separation
  • New CLI monitoring and troubleshooting commands
  • Central CLI
  • CLI ping command adds configurable packet size and do-not-fragment flag
  • Show health of the control plane
  • Standalone Edge L2 VPN client CLI
  • Logical Networking

3 Routing enhancements

  • Support of /31 prefixes on ESG and DLR interfaces
  • Support of relayed DHCP request on the ESG DHCP server
  • Ability to keep VLAN tags over VXLAN
  • Exact Match for Redistribution Filters
  • Support of administrative distance for static route
  • Ability to enable/disable uRPF check per interface on Edge
  • Display AS path in CLI command show ip bgp
  • HA interface exclusion from redistribution into routing protocols on the DLR control VM
  • View active edge in HA pair
  • REST API supports reverse path filter(rp_filter) on Edge
  • Behavior of the IP prefix GE and IP prefix LE BGP route filters
  • For the null route network address, less-than-or-equal-to and greater-than-or-equal-to keywords are no longer allowed
  • For a given route prefix, you can no longer specify a GE value that is greater than the specified LE value-

4 Networking and Edge Services enhancements

  • The management interface of the DLR has been renamed to HA interface
  • LB Health Monitoring Improvements
  • Support VIP and Pool port range
  • Increased number of VIP
  • Security Service enhancements– new IP address discovery mechanisms for VMs
  • NSX Manager changes– vCenter Web Client root login no longer supported
  • Solution Interoperability– support for vSphere 6.0 Platform Services Controller topologies and vRealize Orchestrator Plug-in for NSX 1.0.2





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