vSAN 6.1 released today!

By | 10/09/2015

And as I promised in my previous article (link), today was made available Virtual SAN 6.1. Below is a short summary of the added features and useful links:

  • Stretched clusters: Virtual SAN 6.1 supports stretched clusters that span two geographic locations to protect data from site failures or loss of network connection. This enables active-active Datacenters
  • Virtual SAN for Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO): Virtual SAN 6.1 provides the ability and support to deploy Virtual SAN clusters for ROBO scenarios. Customers can now deploy a large numbers of 2-node Virtual SAN clusters that can be centrally managed from a centralized data center through an individual vCenter Server instance.
  • Support for Multi-Processor Fault Tolerance (SMP-FT): Virtual SAN 6.1 is now able to support vSphere Fault Tolerance feature and provide continuous availability with zero downtime for mission critical applications in the event of hardware failure.
  • Virtual SAN Health Check Plug-in v2:  vCenter Server plug-in for the vSphere Web Client that is designed to provide and centralized health reporting solution that checks all aspects of the Virtual SAN configuration and health of hardware, data and its limits. Some of the new features for Virtual SAN 6.1 include vCenter Events/Alarms support based on health check test failures, support for Stretch Clusters, improved UE for Health UI installation.

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